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  • The legal team of Michael Hunter truly cares about you and your family. We know the situation can seem more than difficult and quite often the unknown compounds the stress and heartache. A low-cost, expert consultation with Michael Hunter, Attorney at Law, will bring about a better understanding of what to expect, which will bring comfort to you and your family. There is no obligation and only minimal cost to you, so why not give us a call today to schedule your legal consultation? The law offices of Michael Hunter are ideally located to serve the 14th Judicial Circuit, which is in the Northwest Florida Panhandle. This encompasses Bay, Gulf, Calhoun, Jackson, Washington and Holmes counties.

Your Dedicated Legal Team.

Michael Hunter leads a powerful and compassionate legal team to assist you with care.

  • Michael Hunter, Attorney
  • Dawn R. deLaVega, FRP Paralegal
  • Julie Tidwell, Legal Assistant
  • Tiffany Taylor, Legal Assistant

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